Home Awareness Showcase

Home Awareness Showcase

Stay in control of your home even when you’re not at home. MindoLife’s Home Awareness Kit will alert you immediately when any home-related action is required and allow you to make decisions from anywhere — putting the power back in your hands, no matter where you are.
Installation does not require any changes to the home’s electrical grid. The low power devices decrease the home’s power consumption and eliminate the need for battery replacement.

Smart Home Base Unit

The main operating unit is the brains of the smart home system. It serves as a gateway from the Internet to the local Smart Home network and is the core of the entire solution. It securely stores the set of automation, policies and smart behaviors learned by the system from daily smart operation.

Contact Sensor

Monitoring sensor easily placed at any door or window for automated temperature control and remote monitoring over home entrances.When the door opens, the smart system can automatically power on other devices such as the air conditioning, TV or sound system. The contact sensor can be linked to the lighting system via a range of devices such as the Smart Light Switch or Smart Plugs, enabling automation based on hours of the day or level of darkness.

Smart Shutter Switch

Unit installed over a single existing shutter switching point in the house to enable dynamic scheduling of closing and opening, as well as control of shutting percentage. Transform any electric shutter into a smart shutter.Remotely lock the shutters into position for increased security and kid-safety. Easy to use with combined scenarios like shutting them all at once with a goodnight button, or a goodbye button.

Smart Motion Sensor

Motion monitoring device placed at any location in the house that generates alerts upon movement/no-movement detection. The lights, shutters, and AC can be automatically turned on when someone enters the room and turned off when they leave. The Smart Motion Sensor can be easily linked to the Smart (Double) Light Switch, Smart Dimmer, Smart Plugs/Socket, and many more devices.

Smart Dry Contact

Unit installed over 3rd party systems, such as HVAC or alarm systems with a dry contact operation interface.

Mobile Application

Control and monitoring application installed on smartphones (iOS or Android).