Smart Home DIY Showcase

Smart Home DIY Showcase

If you prefer a DIY approach to smartening up your home’s automation, MindoLife Innovation’s Smart Home DIY Kit provides all the elements you need to kickstart your smart home successfully. The kit is easy to install and can be upgraded with a wide range of smart home products including smart dimmer switches, smart light switches, smart boiler switches, smart shutter switches, smart sockets, and more.Installation does not require any changes to the home’s electrical grid. The low power devices decrease the home’s power consumption and eliminate the need for battery replacement.

Contact Sensor

Monitoring sensor easily placed at any door or window for climate control automation and remote monitoring over home entrances.When the door opens, the smart system can automatically power on other devices such as the air conditioning, TV or sound system. The contact sensor can be linked to the lighting system via a range of devices such as the Smart Light Switch or Smart Plugs, enabling automation based on hours of the day or level of darkness.

Smart Plug

The device plugged into any existing socket in the house to enable any electric device connected to it to be monitored and used in smart scenarios. The Smart Plug recognizes the device plugged into the socket and can interact accordingly: turn off an iron after a period of non-use, start the coffee machine when your alarm rings, activate a lamp when motion is detected via the Smart Motion Sensor, or power on the AC when the room gets too hot via the Smart Temperature Sensor.

Smart Motion Sensor

Motion monitoring device placed at any location in the house that generates alerts upon movement/no-movement detection. The lights, shutters, and AC can be automatically turned on when someone enters the room and turned off when they leave. The Smart Motion Sensor can be easily linked to the Smart (Double) Light Switch, Smart Dimmer, Smart Plugs/Socket, and many more devices.

Smart Temperature Sensor

Temperature monitoring device placed at any location in the house to activate climate control or shutters, and many other smart scenarios. The AC can be automatically turned on when the room gets too hot, and the radiators can turn on if it is too cold.